Hallo von Amerika!

Diskutiere Hallo von Amerika! im Newbie Ecke Forum im Bereich Public Section; Hallo alle! Ich heisse 6GunRocket von www.mazda6club.com aus Amerika! Mein Deutsch ist sehr schlecht so, können speche ich Englische? Es tut mir...
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Hallo alle! Ich heisse 6GunRocket von www.mazda6club.com aus Amerika! Mein Deutsch ist sehr schlecht so, können speche ich Englische? Es tut mir leid. So I'm here as a student until around August of 2008. I'm attending the Uni am Paderborn. When I used to live in America I was from Kalamazoo, Michigan(zwischen Detroit und Chicago).

So about my 6. I have a yellow 2003 4cyl with the sport package. Unfortunately I didn't have the money to ship it here so I have it stored at a friends garage. It's up on blocks and I have all the fluids drained and everything. I love to tune the 6. For the motor/suspension I have...the cpe intake, racing battery, headers(made myself), Racing Beat sway bars with endlinks(made myself), engine mounts(made myself), transmission mounts(made myself), and Mazdaspeed springs. I have a bunch of stuff I did on the interior too but maybe I have a picture somewhere. I used to make a lot of parts myself for the 6 such as the battery tray for my racing battery, endlinks, headers, strut bars, mounts, etc. I love to work with metal. I used to sell a few parts on the internet before I moved but obviously I couldn't bring my tools here. It really kills me not to be able to drive my 6 for a couple years. I'll miss that, and racing. I think I'm going to buy a moped lol!

Well this seems like a great site and if you guys would like to ever stop by with a question on your 6, I'd like to try and help.
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Hello and welcome in our forum :winke:

Have fun & happy posting ;-)


Hallo von Amerika!

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